‘Literacy is the most significant skill needed to function effectively in school, in the workplace, and in society. It is vital to a successful education, career and quality of life.’

-National Headteachers Conference.


Working with schools.

Research is clear, early intervention is a highly effective tool in bringing children back up to the level of their classmates. With tougher demands on literacy levels being placed on children post age 11, it is now even more important to provide primary children with the strongest foundation of knowledge possible to carry them through their learning journey. Rebecca Rogerson delivers high quality, specialist literacy intervention and support to pupils on a one to one or small group basis to allow them to achieve their best. This can take the form of daily or weekly sessions which are specifically tailored to the needs of the pupils in order for them to make progress.

Alongside programmes of intervention in reading, writing and transcription, Rebecca has developed a unique set of strategies for teaching spelling to enable pupils to become accurate and confident spellers. With a proven track record of success at a primary level, Rebecca Rogerson is an efficient and cost effective option for schools looking to improve the literacy of their pupils.

‘Rebecca has provided a highly effective reading programme in school this year which has raised the attainment of our year 1 pupils in a way we had not anticipated. Not only can they read better but they have developed more confidence and self esteem in their ability.’
— Head Teacher Hampshire Primary.

Enabling pupils to:

* Use phonics effectively and with confidence

* Decode text and read unfamiliar words effectively

* Recognise familiar words fluently

* Read for meaning

* Develop fluency and speed

* Read with confidence

* Use phonics and morphology with confidence

* Have a sound understanding of orthography

* Write legible words, sentences and paragraphs

* Write fluently and with confidence

* Gain awareness of audience and purpose

*Use a range of vocabulary for different purposes