‘Rebecca has provided a highly effective reading programme in school this year which has raised the attainment of our year 1 pupils in a way we had not anticipated. Not only can they read better but they have developed more confidence and self esteem in their ability.’-Head Teacher Hampshire Primary.

‘Rebecca is very efficient, punctual and polite. Our son has gained confidence in only a short time under her tuition and we feel she has made a real difference to his GCSE grade and overall understanding of English.' -Mr Thomas

‘Rebecca has demonstrated an excellent relationship with her class and sets high expectations of all learners. Excellent intervention was witnessed and students difficulties were addressed quickly and effectively.’ -Senior Leadership Team Lesson Observation Year 10

‘My son had a lot of problems with his reading and writing right from reception. We didn't really know how to help him at home, even though we tried, and he was very resistant to help at school, often becoming angry and frustrated. After four weeks of working with Rebecca at school he came home with a book he'd actually chosen himself from the library and read four pages without help. Rebecca has completely changed his ability level and his attitude. I cannot thank her enough!' -Claire. M

‘An excellent (Reading Recovery) lesson where the pupil felt secure enough to take risks. Well paced and any misunderstandings were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Excellent knowledge of the next steps to make progress demonstrated. A lovely lesson to watch.’ -Teaching and Learning Adviser Hampshire Country Council.

‘Thank you for all your help and support today. Your time and effort had a huge impact on our most vulnerable students.’ - Former Deputy Head of Department.

‘My daughter got a grade 6 in both English language and literature. Thank you for helping her achieve this, she wouldn’t have done it without you!’ -Fiona. N

‘Mrs Rogerson helped me to get my target grade in English Language and Literature. I had a hard time staying in class a lot at school but she helped to teach me a bit differently and understood why I found school hard. Without her help I don’t think I would have even turned up for the exam to be honest.’ -ex Year 11 pupil.

‘A very calm and reassuring environment. Lots of great encouragement used and praise. Students progress/understanding is closely monitored throughout the lesson.’ -Former Head of Department Year 7 Lesson Observation.

‘All students made rapid and sustained progress in a mutually respectful environment with personalised learning at the heart of the lesson. A well structured and delivered lesson that was a pleasure to watch.’ -Ofsted Inspector Feedback Year 8 Lesson Observation.

‘Expectations of SEN pupils are consistently high, tasks are challenging but meet the needs of the learners. Understanding is checked systematically and accurately. Behaviour of the class is excellent with high levels of engagement and the lesson proceeds without undue interruption.’ -Senior Leadership Team Lesson Observation SEN year 7 Class.