‘Many children struggle in schools…because the way they are being taught is incompatible with the way they learn.’ -Peter Senge


Private Tuition and SPECIALIST Dyslexia TUITION

Does your child need additional help with literacy or English? Rebecca Rogerson has over 10 years experience of working with pupils 1 to 1 boosting the progress and grades of students. Delivered in one hour long sessions in the pupils own home, Rebecca offers a personalised approach to enable pupils to achieve their full potential and beyond. Studies show that 1 to 1 learning is highly effective and with class sizes increasing, the teacher contact time in a lesson is becoming less and less. Rebecca’s sessions are designed to work at the pace of the individual pupil, teaching them in a way that they respond to, establishing new learning and consolidating where appropriate. Rebecca has an excellent working relationship with many local schools and can liaise with school staff where necessary.

Specialist Dyslexia Tuition.

Rebecca is a specialist Dyslexia teacher. Rebecca is passionate about teaching pupils with dyslexia and has improved the outcomes and mindset of many pupils throughout her career which has focused on Dyslexia and SEND. Her personal experience of dyslexia through her family allows Rebecca to help families initiate strategies at home to support children and young people to achieve their best. Rebecca has devised a range of teaching strategies to compliment individual learners, allowing pupils to learn in a way that suits them, accelerating their progress. Alongside improving reading, writing and spelling, Rebecca also works with pupils on memory, concentration, self esteem and confidence. Rebecca’s sessions include literacy across the curriculum in order for pupils to work on the skills needed to assess every subject and achieve their full potential.

‘Rebecca is very efficient, punctual and polite. Our son has gained confidence in only a short time under her tuition and we feel she has made a real difference to his GCSE grade and overall understanding of English. Without her help he would definitely not be as confident going into his exams. ‘
— Father to Luke year 11

Topics Covered include from KS1 TO KS4:

* Emerging reading

* Emerging writing

* Phonics

* Reading skills

* Reading for meaning

* Spelling skills

* Fluency in reading, writing and spelling

* Consolidation of school taught methods and strategies

* Writing skills including word, sentence, paragraph and essay level construction

* Handwriting practise and strategies

*Study skills

* Types of writing (description, narrative, ague advice etc)

*Planning skills

* Awareness of audience and purpose

* Selecting and retrieving information

* Textual analysis

* Critical writing

* Awareness of author, context, society and history.

* Comprehensive Exam preparation- SATS, GCSE and A-Level.

*Self esteem, confidence and mindset.

*Concentration and memory techniques