‘Every child has the ability to make progress given the right tools to do so.’ Rebecca Rogerson Literacy Conference 2017.


Working with schools.

Literacy is an integral part of secondary school teaching and learning. When pupils are not meeting expectations and failing to make progress with reading, writing and spelling this has an impact across all of the subjects. The year 7 catch up programme provides targeted intervention to booster those pupils who need additional help in order to access the demands of secondary school. Having worked with a number of Hampshire Primary Schools Rebecca has extensive knowledge of phonics, reading interventions and the skill level pupils should be demonstrating upon entering secondary school. The year 7 catch up programme directly links prior learning at primary with current areas of study at secondary. This is delivered on a one to one or small group basis and focuses on bridging the gaps in the pupils attainment in order for them to meet expectations. Furthermore the KS3 intervention programme focuses on building, improving and consolidating the skills needed for successful GCSE study through personalised sessions either on a 1 to 1 or in small groups.

Additionally Rebecca provides targeted intervention and support for GCSE English Language and Literature. Rebecca’s extensive knowledge of all the major exams boards enables her to help pupils who are falling below their target grade to get back on track utilising a range of different teaching strategies and materials. Usually delivered in small groups, the hour long sessions are tailored to ability level and are designed to fill in the gaps in knowledge and skills that are needed for GCSE. Rebecca liaises with subject teachers and support staff to provide the best outcomes for each pupil within the intervention programme. Having taken a number of classes successfully through their GCSE’s, Rebecca has a solid understanding of the demands of the course and the skills needed for pupils to achieve their potential target grades.

‘Rebecca has demonstrated an excellent relationship with her class and sets high expectations of all learners. Excellent intervention was witnessed and students difficulties were addressed quickly and effectively.’
— Senior Leadership Team Lesson Observation Year 10

Enabling pupils to:

  • Decode text and read unfamiliar words effectively using a range of strategies

  • Read for meaning

  • Write legible words, sentences and paragraphs

  • Read fluently and with good understanding

  • Use grammar correctly

  • Spell accurately

  • Gain and apply a wide range of vocabulary

  • Read, understand and respond to a variety of texts

  • Read and evaluate a variety of texts critically

  • Gain and apply a wide range of vocabulary

  • Select and retrieve information from text

  • Develop and maintain a critical style

  • Use textual references, including quotes to support ideas

  • Use sentences for clarity, purpose and effect.